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Tenant Check Out Reports

A check out report is where we inspect a property at the end of a tenancy  and compare the cleanliness and condition to the original inventory. Subject to fair wear and tear the tenants may be liable to have money deducted from their deposit to cover damage, missing items or cleaning issues.


Check out reports can be a contentious issue particularly regarding the level of cleaning required at the end of the tenancy. Because of this prior to the end of the tenancy we will email the tenants notice of that we will be performing a check out report. We will also give advice on the standards expected and reiterate that if the property, carpets or oven were professionally cleaned prior to the start of the tenancy then they should be returned to this condition at the end of the tenancy. We remind tenants that if they clean the property to a domestic level they may be disappointed to learn that further cleaning is required.


During the check out report we will collect the property keys, take utility meter readings and test smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors for power. We will then inspect the property and compare the condition and cleanliness to the original inventory or check in report. Where damage or cleaning issues are found we will list these and take supporting photographic evidence.


During the check out report tenants have the right to be present however we ask that they do not distract our clerks whilst they are performing their inspection. A check out report can often take several hours so it may be easier for the tenants to meet with our clerk at the end to go through any  issues found in the property.


To carry out a check out report our clerk will need a copy of the original inventory or check in report. If we have previously carried this out we will  simply download our original report. If another company carried out the inventory or check in we will need to be provided with a copy of that report  either emailed to us or a paper copy provided on the day of check out.

Check Out Reports

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